Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girls Night Out - it sounded like a good idea

We are approaching 1 year of life in Indiana. We have hit some milestones. Some good and some bad. We actually run into people we know around town (mixed blessing depending on moods and behavior - mine and the kids). I can drive to a few places without using the GPS. I even got invited out with some ladies for cocktails the other night and had a blast. Tonight I decided to brave a "ladies night out" in the neighborhood. I wasn't sure who I would know at this gathering but I went anyway. I "knew" 2 people. That is to say, I could put their names and faces together. After 2 hours of making idle chit-chat with people who all seemed to have known each other forever and feeling like the odd-woman out, I made my excuses and bailed. I forgot how terrifying and intimidating it is to walk into a room full of people and not know anyone. I was excited all day to "escape". It had been a long day with fussy kids, activities and feeling like my kids have decided that listening to me is optional and they have decidedly opted out. I was looking forward to getting out, having some laughs and enjoying myself. Instead I got to spend the night wondering if I was making a good impression. Not fun at all. I'm tired, cranky and homesick. Not a pretty combination.