Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My weekend as a southern belle

A kid-free weekend, visit with a friend and a family wedding in Alabama? What could possibly go wrong? For starters, I packed the largest piece of luggage known to civilization. Then I got bumped from my flight. Ok, these things happen. Except the person who bumped me was the dumbest person to walk the face of the earth. Seriously, after she bumped me, she acted as if she was done dealing with me. I "politely" informed her I still intended to go on my trip and it was her responsibility to assure me that I would get there. Acting very flustered and put upon, she proceeded to give me the run around with a vengeance. After making a nuisance of myself and reminding her that I was not going away unless it was on a plane to Alabama, she gave me a check for my troubles, some food vouchers and sent me to a Chicago airport in a cab. Happily, I got to spend the next morning with my Aunt Joan (the coolest person ever). We chatted, gossiped and frittered away the morning. Next, I was Melanie's responsibility for the day. How does she handle me? She takes me shopping and fills me up with caffeine and martinis (a winning combination). That night was the rehearsal dinner. I got to put on a fancy dress, heels and makeup. I forgot what it was like to wear girl clothes. It was quite fun. I got to mingle with southerners. Once I realized their accents were real, we had some lovely chats. I even met a die- hard Notre Dame fan. They really and truly are everywhere. So, I put on the charm (yes, I have SOME) and schmoozed for my husband. Sadly, I was not offered a return flight on his private jet. Maybe I am not as charming as I thought. The next day was the wedding. More fancy clothes, makeup and heels. It was AMAZING!!!! Everything was beautiful - the flowers, music, people, food and fireworks! It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. Maybe there is something to this southern belle thing. They seem to have a good thing going. I may have to try it again sometime (with martinis).