Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Loosest Tooth

Christian lost his first tooth. This was a big deal in our house. We got daily, even hourly, updates about it's condition. "It's 80 pounds wiggly today. I can wiggle it 11 feet right now." But, mixed in with his excitement was fear. This was a new experience. Will it hurt a lot? Will it bleed? Can I still eat? Will the tooth fairy bring me a new tooth? Do they all fall out at once? Last night, the tooth literally fell into his lap. He was thrilled. "My tooth is out! I'm going to be rich!" We immediately sent out the bat signal and white smoke to all the family members who were equally invested in this momentous occasion in a young man's life. He found his tooth pillow and stuffed it in for the tooth fairy. Then we had long discussions about where to put the pillow. Do we put it under his pillow? Will the tooth fairy find it? Should we leave it on his dresser? We can't leave it on the floor because she might step on it and break it. Will she get lost and go to Sara's room? Let me tell you, I DID feel like sending up white smoke afterwards. A Papal Conclave is shorter and less serious than this kid making these life and death decisions. Finally, after much thought and discussion, the froggy tooth fairy pillow is 'gently' placed under his pillow. Imagine his shrieks of delight when he found the tooth fairy had left him a 'green rectangle money' in it's place. He proudly told me that he is now rich and can buy things. I don't think the kid understands the value of a dollar but he sure does know the value of the first lost tooth.

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  1. Aww. That is so cute. It's really nice to see kids so invested in their dental health and of course, the primordial belief in tooth fairies. You must have been so excited for his first fallen tooth! I can only imagine because every kid is excited to see whether the tooth fairy would come and give them money. Haha. :))
    Thanh Arnett