Sunday, September 5, 2010

What is wrong with me! (Rhetorical)

Paul took the kids to visit his mom in Chicago today. So, I have a whole day to myself. I had grand plans of relaxing and lounging. Truly. What have I actually done? I went to Sam's Club, did laundry, dishes, and cleaned up toys. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel the need to be productive even when no one is watching? I need some sort of intervention. I cannot relax if there are things around the house left undone. Does this qualify me as a grownup? If so, I strongly object.

On the plus side, both kids are loving school. Christian tried to cry and fuss the first day but it was so lame and pathetic I couldn't even muster any sympathy for the chubby little guy. Now, if I say it's time to go to school, he races through the house, knocking anything/anyone in his path down, plunks down and tries to put his giant Build A Bear shoes on. I get a half-hearted wave and "bye, mommy" as he runs towards the teachers and his freedom. Sara is too cool for words and waits for the bus on the porch by herself now. She says 2nd grade is for big kids and I can watch from the window if I need to. She has mastered the whole "big kid" thing - including the "eye roll/Moooom" look of disgust. Aren't I proud?

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