Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sara and the almight dollar

Over the last 6 years, Sara has mastered the art of collecting any and all loose change in her path. She can make big bug eyes at my dad and suddenly his pockets don't jingle anymore. Last night, the Tooth Fairy came and left $5. She had outlined the terms of the transaction with the Tooth Fairy very clearly. The Tooth Fairy could visit, admire her tooth, and leave money. Under NO circumstances was she to take Sara's first (and favorite) tooth and give it away to some unappreciative crying little baby. The exchange was successful. Sara got $5, a letter and certificate from the Tooth Fairy and got to keep her tooth. She wanted to know how much money she had and what she could do with it. My suggestions of paying rent, groceries or utilities were rejected. We decided to go to Coinstar and see how much money she has. The little greed meister has accumulated $37. We visited Build A Bear and spent a looooong time choosing a purchase. She FINALLY decided on a snazzy hot pink ensemble for her Lala sheep. Then we had a long discussion about her remaining money. We were at Meijer doing grocery shopping. She kept demanding assurance that she was not expected to kick on for groceries. She perused EVERY toy in the store and declared each and every one over-priced for HER money. Long story cut sort-of short - she left with her remaining money tucked very firmly in her pocket. So, if you see my child begging with a tin cup in the street for loose change, please toss some her way. She needs it.

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