Monday, March 28, 2011

The woman at the well

Yesterday's gospel according to Saint John was about the woman at the well and her encounter with Jesus. In the bible, when someone is nameless, he or she represents all mankind. This is done so we can see ourselves in these stories. She had spent her life looking for happiness outside herself through others (husbands). Jesus gently guides her to her truth at her own pace. She takes this journey reluctantly but wholeheartedly. She learns to look within herself for her happiness and that there is no one perfect "man" for her. Why is the truth about ourselves so hard to see? Maybe if we come to realize our 'truths' gently, it will be easier for us to see ourselves.

Paul and I typically rotate going to Mass with Sara. At 2 1/2, Christian is not the best audience for a sermon. I realized long ago that for us bringing a toddler to Mass is fruitless and frustrating. The child gets nothing out of the experience and the parent spends the entire time distracting and muffling the child while hoping and praying that no one around gets frustrated and annoyed.

I do spend a fair bit of time keeping an eye on Sara in the choir box, making sure she is behaving - not chatting or fidgeting. I guess this is karma for all those Sundays my Mom sat in the choir box shooting death rays at us children getting us to behave. It usually worked. If Mom came out of the box at the sign of peace, you knew you were in beg trouble. My brother Bob had the right idea- he took a nap on the pile of coats because he claimed it was the only way he could behave and sit still. Think Fr. Bill would notice if I curled up and took a cat nap next Sunday?

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