Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Put A Sock In It

Seventeen minutes. That is how long Christian threw a fit this morning about his socks. I stayed calm for 16 of those minutes. Sara waited by the door with her coat, backpack and SHOES on for 10 of those minutes. I finally hauled his barefoot and stubborn self to the car so we could drive Sara to school. Then we headed back home so he could put the dreaded and offensive garments on so we could move on with our lives. This has been a continuing struggle in our lives. It doesn't matter what socks they are. He even flips out about his precious and beloved Spiderman socks. Twice a day, he has to put on socks to leave the house. Twice a day, I wait to see if he throws a hissy (and how long it it will last). I've praised him when he puts them on without fussing. I've congratulated him for being a big kid and getting dressed and ready all by himself. But, sometimes the little stinker just has to throw himself down and pitch the hissy fit of all hissy fits. I have news for you, little fella. You are NOT Cinderella. They are not glass socks that will fit like a glove. You now why? Because they are SOCKS! Put them on and move on with your life. I'm living a nightmare version of the Prince and the Pea. I'm counting down the days until spring is here and I can put the little fashion diva in sandals and skip the drama.

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  1. ha! Barb you are so funny! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a fashion foot wear diva! Smiles, Jill