Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here's My Vote

I am so glad the elections are over. Am I the only one who was disgusted by the childish antics and postings? I'm not even talking about the political ads. I am talking about the ridiculous ranting and ravings on Facebook. I am not overly political. I follow current events. I read up on the issues and candidates then form my own opinion. I do not try to change the views of others. I am grateful to live in a country where I am entitled to my opinions, beliefs and vote. I am a reasonably intelligent adult who can choose my own candidates. I do not think others have the right to try to change my vote. You are entitled to the same respect. I will say that when I read people's curse-filled, vile, angry diatribes on Facebook about the evils of the different candidates, I wonder. Do they not realize how petty, immature and ridiculous they sound? You are not helping your cause. Nor are you convincing me to support your cause or candidate. You do not sound passionate. You do not sound informed. You sound like a 3 year throwing a temper tantrum. And, when your candidate wins, try to pretend to be a mature and responsible adult. Do not gloat and resort to name-calling. I have reads that "my" candidates are the the scum of the Earth and I am even lower for voting for them. I am paraphrasing because I won't use the language I've seen on Facebook. When I read the inflammatory posts, I am beyond glad that we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. I support your right to your vote and your voice. But, for everyone's sake, put on your big boy/girl pants, buy a thesaurus, wash your mouth out with soap
and try to sound and act like a grown up.

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