Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm a big "hit" in Indiana

Our first couple weeks in Indiana were "interesting". Driving to our new home, I had to use GPS. I didn't even have a key to our house. After spending a week unpacking boxes, rearranging things and obtaining my own house key, I made a list and headed to Target with the kids. Pulling into a parking spot, I bumped the car next to me. I told the Sara to stay in the car while I check it out. As I am bent over the car's fender, examining and photographing the damage, this crazy old lady comes tearing across the parking lot and proudly informs me that I hit that car. Really? Thank you, I was wondering was that sickening thud was!!!! Then she informed me I had to notify the car's owner. I "calmly" explained to her that I was photographing the damage and license plate so I can have the owner paged and exchange information. Sara gets out of the car, I load Christian into the cart and we head into Target so I can turn myself in. We head to the Service Desk and lo and behold there is the Crazy Samaritan from the parking lot. She is busily telling the clerk about my crime spree. I walk over and tell the clerk I am no longer a fugitive on the run and am turning myself in. The clerk has the vehicle's owner paged. We wait. By "we" I mean, the clerk, my kids, myself and the Crazy Samaritan. We wait awhile. I tell the clerk I am going to do my shopping and ask her to page me when the owner shows up. I also give her my name and numer in case my victim doesn't show up. About 15 minutes later I hear my name being paged. Waiting for me at the Service desk is a very nice lady and yes, you guessed it, the Crazy Samaritan. I introduce my self to my "victim" and explain what happened. We start walking to the parking lot. Crazy Samaritan is following us. My victim politely thanks her and we walk away. When we get to the parking lot, she asks me if I had her paged. I told her we had. She laughs and tells me how she learned of my crime spree on her car. She was in the bathroom when the door is kicked in Dirty Harry style. The Crazy Samaritan bursts in and asked in anyone owned a car matching the car I hit. My victim comes forward and is rushed to the Service Desk by Crazy Samaritan. Crazy Samaritan keeps telling to hurry so I won't have a chance to leave the scene. A few things strike me about this whole episode. First, you know that Crazy Samaritan has no life and my crime spree has provided her with hours of entertainment. Second, the lady I hit could not have been nicer about it. She even offered to get multiple estimates bc I was new in town and didn't want me to think she was cheating me. If you have to go on a crime spree, the parking lot at Target is the place to do it. Not that I am encouraging random acts of bad driving.

Two weeks after we moved here I came home from Target (they let me back) and asked where Sara was. Paul informed me "some girl came over and took her for a walk". Being a wonderful parent, I thought to ask "ummm Prof. Nash? To whom exactly did you give our firstborn?". He calmly told me he thought it was ok because the girl knew Sara's name and Sara recognized her dog. Everything turned out fine. It was the 12 year old girl across the street we met the week before. But, being me, I did have to needle him for just handing over my kid to the first person who comes to the door. I have been tempted many times to give her to the first person that comes by but never actually did it!!!!

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