Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vactican 3

Sara sang in the choir today at Mass. She really enjoys it and I love watching her. As we were leaving the church, she asked me if women can be priests. I told her no. She then relayed one of her ever so entertaining and elaborate theories. She explained that she felt this wasn't fair because God loves us all equally and it shouldn't matter if she is a boy or girl. She feels she would make a very fine 'priestess' and would very much enjoy giving "talks" to people at church about being kind to each other and not sinning because it isn't nice to do so. She asked if she could talk to Fr. Bill about this. I decided it would be best to hustle her out of there with the promise of Twizzlers in the car. Back home, she frequently asked Fr. George questions after Mass. I think she liked keeping him on his toes. Her first order of business was always determining if it was a 'donut Sunday'. After that, her questions got more philosophical and theological in nature. Rock on, Sara. You've got my vote for priesthood.

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  1. I agree with Sara. I totally would have wanted to be a priest and done "talks" at church. Heard some kids recently ask our priest (Fr. Tom) if he and his brother (a Fr. Jerry) were named after Tom & Jerry. Fr. Tom said Tom and Jerry were named after them. :)