Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hope, pray and don't worry

That was Fr. John's message for today's homily. It really struck a cord with me. Fr. John is our associate pastor. He is a young and energetic guy who enjoys making Mass something everyone can relate to. My new favorite word is "splurchases". When you 'think' you need to purchase something, ask yourself if it is a purchase or a splurge. He also encouraged us to hope and pray more while worrying less. Tell yourself this today - "Whatever people think of you is their business, not yours. Hmmmm. As someone who is my own worst critic, this presents a challenge I will try very hard to meet.

All this talk of hoping, praying and worrying got me thinking about my faith. I once heard faith describe as a glass of water. It's easier for kids to have faith because their glass is smaller and easier to fill. As we grow, so does out "cup", making it harder to fill. Sometimes I think of faith as a journey. Sometimes the road is smooth and flat. Other times, it is hilly, curvy and difficult to navigate. At those times, you must tread slowly and carefully and trust in your co-pilot. I think of God as a very good, lifelong friend who has seen you at your best, worst, highest and lowest and loves you anyway. You know the kind I'm talking about - the kind you can call day or night about anything (big or small) and He will always take the call, listen and be on your side without judging you. It's also comforting to know that, like a good friend, even if you lose touch for awhile, you can still reach out and He will be there to take your hand. So, today, please try to hope more, pray harder and worry less. It's not an easy task for any of us.