Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make A Wish

Everyone at Disney has the same wish - to have a magical experience. The cast members order us to do so every where we turn. They cushion it in a smile while they are taking your money for a snack, souvenir, ticket, etc. It is quite magical how quickly your money, time, patience and energy disappear at Disney. Florida in April is hot. Disney in April is the 7th circle of hell. You are traipsing around a park with kids in tow. Your feet hurt. Your back hurts. You are sunburned. You are crabby. You are hot, tired, smelly and broke. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, I know no place is perfect but Disney does a pretty good job controlling crowds and chaos. They are remarkably organized and efficient. Today, Sara and I were waiting in line to meet Mary Poppins. An adorable little girl, her mother and grandmother approached us with a cast member in tow. We were next in line and the cast member told us the little girl is a Disney guest courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation. Would we mind letting her go ahead of us in line? Of course not! We started chatting with the mother and grandmother. I was shocked when they told us that throughout their stay, most people have actually refused to let the little girl go to the head of the lines!!! How do perfectly healthy people refuse to let a sick little girl go to the head of the line? Do they really think she should stand in the hot sun? As much as I hate waiting in line anywhere, I think I can spare 2-3 minutes for an adorable and terminally ill little girl. Typical Sara, she had a ton of questions for the little girl. Not nosy ones. Polite, friendly ones. How old is she? What grade is she in? Where do they live? What was her favorite ride? Favorite princess? Then Sara had what she and I thought was a brilliant and sweet idea. She told the little girl they should just come around the park with us and that way she could always go ahead of us. I love how that girl's mind works sometimes. Then she asked the mother if it was ok to hug her new friend. I love that she was concerned about germs but really wanted to give her new friend a hug.So, here is my wish for the next few days- if you are in line anywhere at Disney and you see a kid wearing a Make A Wish button, if you have a decent bone in your body, please let a sick child go to the head of the line. Learn more about this wonderful foundation here -

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