Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Nellie Olson

I'm not going to be articulate, insightful or inspiring right now. I am one mad mama. The hits just keep on coming. Sara had a bad day at school (brought on by her own actions/inactions). But, THIS she did not need. There are some home school kids who live down the street that Sara plays with from time to time. Nice girls that Sara enjoys playing with. I noticed they had not been over lately but didn't think much of it. Well, mystery solved. Sara saw them playing outside when she got off the bus today and asked if they could come over to play. After we chatted about her day at school and she wrote an apology note to her teacher, I called the mom. The mom could not have been nicer. She said she had been meaning to call me about a situation. I groaned. Situation? We all know what that is code for. But, wait. My kid hasn't even played with her kids lately. She couldn't have done anything terrible. A classmate of Sara's who lives in our neighborhood and actively dislikes Sara also plays with these girls. Turns out the classmate was telling these girls NOT to play with Sara because SHE doesn't like Sara. They were warned that if they play with Sara, then they cannot be friends with her!! Really, kid? It isn't enough that you have ostracized most of the 3rd grade and the kids on the bus from my kid? Now you are trying to start a street war? Luckily, this mom has 7 kids and knows how to spot and stop this nonsense. And, her girls know how to choose their own friends and told this girl that. I really hope this is resolved. I'd like my child to be able to play with neighbor kids without fuss and drama.

These are not spouses. These are friends. You can have more than one. This is not the jungle. We don't need an alpha kid on the block.

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