Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Christmas List

Everything and anything Christian sees nowadays goes on his list for Santa. I swear, if he ever sees an infomercial, he will be asking Santa for a George Foreman grill and a set of steak knives. Any store we go into, he begs and pleads to browse through the aisles, looking for inspiration. Luckily, he is 4 and pretty clueless most of the time. I take a picture with my phone and we move on. Sara, being 8 and pretty tech savvy with the memory of an elephant, is not so easily distracted. She is angling for larger, pricier items. She spends her free time browsing through catalogs and the Internet. Her wish list ranges from Wii and Nintendo DS games to books and American Girl accessories. Right now her list is up to three pages. Christian's list includes just about anything involving Legos that he will need an engineering degree to assemble and anything involving superheroes. In between adding items to his ever-growing list, he asks very pointed questions about Santa and his litmus test. How does Santa see everything? Do Santa and God talk to each other? What counts as naughty? If I am only a little naughty, do I still get presents? Does he take back presents if I am naughty after Christmas? Now the poor kid is really freaked out because he has God AND Santa keeping tabs on his antics. I'm liking having double reinforcements on my side.

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