Monday, December 17, 2012

Art, Facts and Chickens

Sara's mind is a wonderful, random and fascinating place. Sara is brilliant, perceptive and hilarious. I love watching her mind in action. This is just a small glimpse into her mind. Enjoy the ride. Wherever it takes you. These are some of the gems in her journal. Give me your money or else. When I am fifty, I will have been alive for awhile. I can't wait until I am nineteen and in college. My brain is filled with facts. Once I read a book filled with adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs and other grammar. I like spinach but not for dessert. Mom told Christian to clean up but the crayons remained on the desk anyway. Speak and reason with them. Sara, I believe one day you will be the chief of the group. For a brief moment, the fairies imagined migrating with the beetles to an arid place. Sometime between now and when I die, I will go on a great adventure. Even as a grown man, Edward loved pillow fights. As a poet, I write many poems. I don't really remember what a strait is. I already know decimals. Everyone alive is breathing. I don't what the words "financial", "finality" or "annul" mean. Striped cheetahs don't exists, but wouldn't it be cool if they did? Fairies are definitely not make-believe. In a haunted house, there is a mad scientist's laboratory. A handkerchief is like a tissue. I cannot find a sentence for barnacle. We came back from our search with enormous piles of gold for everyone. Have you ever seen a scrawny kitten with an attitude? I will probably accomplish many things in my life. Always approach chickens calmly. Art, in my opinion, explains attitudes and ideas. Canadian, Chinese, Greek, Russian and nationality are a little hard to find sentences for. Lunar eclipses are very dangerous if you live near the sea. My dad marveled at how I tried and tried to startle him. I don't like to be trifled with. She decided to challenger herself this year. She wants to see how many vocabulary words she can use in one sentence. So far, her record is six. And the sentence made sense. At least, it did to Sara.

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