Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Little Words

I recently went on vacation with 2 friends from high school. We have been through it all together -first boyfriends, first breakups, college acceptances and rejections and all the associated drama, laughter and tears. They saw me through my mother's illness and death. We are all adults now with jobs, husbands, family and responsibilities. We were anxious to get away and have some laughs. We sat in the sun, caught up and reminisced. My friend posed an interesting question to us. Describe yourself in three words. I thought about it and came up with my three words. They came up with their 3 words. I was surprised to notice that my three words were negative. I focused on the things about myself that I didn't like - my weaknesses, faults and insecurities. They focused on their strengths. They focused on the parts of their lives that give them the most satisfaction. I always thought of myself as a happy person with a good life. And I do have a good life. I am surrounded by amazing friends and family. I have 2 healthy and wonderful kids. I have a husband I adore who loves and respects me. We are a team. We are blessed with what we have. We do not struggle to make ends meet. So, why did I immediately come up with 3 negative things? What does that say about me? I always thought I was the kind of person who looked on the bright side, saw the glass as half full, found the silver lining in everything. I try to find the good in everyone. I guess my point of view is a little darker when I am looking at myself. Life isn't black and white. People have strengths and weaknesses. We have good days and bad days. There are shades of grey in everyone's life. I just need to find the good in me a little more often. So, I came up with three new words for myself. The words themselves are not as important as what they say about me and how I think of myself.
I guess I am a work in progress. What are your three words?

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