Friday, August 11, 2017

First Grade - Trial by Fire

First Grade was equally amusing. We survived Christian's kindergarten year. More importantly, his teacher survived it. She had one rule/law/guideline/suggestion - do NOT, under any circumstances, allow him to be in the same first grade class with his best friend. That dynamic duo is just a little too much to handle for any mere mortal teacher. Imagine the look of horror and fear on his face on "Meet The Teacher" day when he learned that his new teacher works out where Christian does taekwondo. The idea that his teacher and TKD instructor could meet and compare notes on behavior was too much for devious little mind. This is the same kid who tried to convince me that parent-teacher conferences were optional. However, if I felt the need to attend, he should accompany me to defend his honor and face his accuser. We decided Cub Scouts would be a good All-American hobby for him - teach him the pioneer spirit, survival skills, and all sorts of rugged and manly skills. While participating in a Cub Scout, he was nervous about his hiking "skills". Imagine his shock and delight when he learned that hiking is just "a long walk outside in nature". He was rather disappointed that making lava and building/ firing a cannon were not listed as potential badges/activities. On the plus side, he learned the difference between 'dissect' and 'decapitate'. Although I am not sure who was more nervous - his teacher or us.

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