Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Faculty Function

Last week, we attended an awards dinner at the Business School. This marks my first "official" function at the B-school. I got to hire a sitter, shower, shave, put on make-up, heels, jewelery and a dress so I could mingle with the academics of the business school all while trying to appear intelligent and charming. So, what does a stay-at-home mom talked about with the faculty, students and dean of the Business school? Hopefully, not much. I tried to hide in the corner and sip my wine while looking calm, cool and brilliant. Didn't work so well. For starters, the awards dinner went on forever. I think I am the only person who did not receive an award. (I'm still awaiting the ballot recount). It would be an honor just to be nominated. Seriously, isn't there an award for packing up your life, kids and all your crap and moving to the cornfields in the dead of winter?

On a happy note, I was seated next to a charming adjunct professor from the Chicago campus who didn't turn his back on me in disgust when he learned I am a STAH mom (don't laugh - it has happened to me). We discussed travel, literature, Notre Dame and had a generally good time. No, it was NOT his dessert I stole. He even told Paul that I was "charming". Hmmm......

Another pleasant aspect of the night was the chance to see my husband "in action". I rarely get to see him in a work capacity. It was a fascinating and proud moment. I was seeing him in a whole new and different light. Listening to him introduce the award recipients, I got to hear more about what he does at the school and why it really the perfect job opportunity for him. Hearing his speech, I was amazed at what a good public speaker he is. He is passionate about his job and truly enjoys his work and colleagues. Moments like that make me glad we took this chance and moved here. Don't get me wrong, I reserve the right to bitch, moan and whine abut moving here. Consider yourselves warned.

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