Friday, June 4, 2010

Waiting for friends and baked goods

Here is a shock for you. I am waiting ("patiently") for my friend to visit and bring baked goods. It's been a long week and I could some fun. Sara is out of school and already claiming she "doesn't know what to do". She doesn't seem to like my suggestion - quit whining and clean up your toys. We are trying to establish a summer routine. It isn't happening. So far, we all spend the morning hanging around in our jammies. She is very excited to start camp next week. Christian enjoys having her around all day and will miss her. He follows her everywhere. He gets very offended when she won't let him into the bathroom. However, by the end of the day, they are fighting. His tactic? To sit on her. Her response? To run away. Then he thinks it is a game and chases her. Usually, Paul come home at this point to find his kids screaming at each other and running around the kitchen table and his wife yelling at the kids. A lovely homecoming after spending the day with academics. Then I declare a laundry emergency and hide upstairs folding clothes. So, day 4 of summer vacation and the countdown to 2nd grade has begun.

Have a great weekend!

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