Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Note to Jerry Sandusky - the whole world knows you are guilty of inhuman behavior. Molesting children who are in your care and trust makes you a vile and despicable human being. Own up to your horrific crimes and pay the price. You belong in jail, locked away from humanity. Spare your victims further pain. How dare you force them to relive their pain at your hands for public consumption? You are inhuman without a moral compass or conscience. You do not deserve to be a member of society. You violated their rights. You deserve to be stripped of yours. In my mind, your wife and co-workers at Penn State are guilty, as well. Over and over again, your crimes were brought to their attention and it was swept under the rug for the sake of football. Are you kidding me? So some overgrown jocks can run up and down fake grass throwing a ball back and forth and tackling each other? That is just sick and wrong. I weep for your victims and their families. I hope your conviction sends a message to the Penn State football program that people are more important than a football reputation. It is a sad day for humanity when THAT message needs to be sent. To the middle school bus bullies - I have not watched the video of you bullying, mocking and insulting a kind elderly lady who never did anything to you. I have read enough articles about it to know that it will enrage me. You are evil, vicious and cruel. You and your parents should be ashamed. You have nowhere to hide. You proudly video taped this disgusting behavior and posted it for public consumption. It worked. We all watched it and were horrified that someone so young could be so cruel.. What were you thinking? Did you really think it would be ok? Did you think it made you look cool? You look like nasty, vicious. You mocked her weight, looks, fashion and family. Who raised these little animals? Were you trying to be cool? You weren't. You represent the worst of humanity. How dare you inflict that sort of pain on anyone? She never did anything to you. No one deserves the pain you inflicted on her. I pray and hope that someday you realize the truly despicable and awful nature of what you did and feel true and sincere remorse. Shame on your parents for raising you to behave that way. Shame on you for not knowing better. You will be forever remembered as the awful middle school kids who terrorized a kind old lady for no reason other than your own sick amusement. You deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. How dare you think you are entitled to behave that way towards anyone. She deserves nothing less than your respect. I truly hope everyone else is as sick of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and their divorce. No one was shocked when a marriage between a 44 year old Scientologist and a normal 24 year old girl from Toledo tanked. We were mildly surprised the sham lasted as long as it did. I don't care about Katie and Suri's trips to the zoo or pet store. I don't care that she used a disposable phone to escape his freakishly controlling lifestyle. I know more than I care to just by skimming the headlines. Friends and family asked my why I don't watch the local news. Well, because last night's headline was about the hot dry spell we are experiencing and it is putting the local hay supply in danger. Not even close to relevant to me or my life. Except that I am deathly allergic to hay.
This is what is happening in America and my hometown. Stay tuned for more weird, useless and horrifying news. I'm sure we will have a whole new crop of it next week.

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