Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malibu Barbie

I live in the Midwest, surrounded by cornfields. Yet, some of the Barbie-esque women around here think they live in Hollywood. They sit around the pool in their itty bitty bikinis, showing off their tan, toned bodies, giant rings and expensive sunglasses, gossiping the day away. They do NOT discipline or supervise their kids. When the kids cause trouble, endanger themselves or others, they are too busy chatting to notice or take action. When a lifeguard or other parent steps in, they roll their eyes and keep chatting. I say let Darwinism handle this. If no one else is in danger, let their little trophy kid get injured. Let the little brat bleed all over his Polo swim trunks. I will no longer worry about pulling your kid to safety when he swims out too far. I WILL yell at the little terror when he jumps into the pool and lands ON my child. To the lady in the fancy bikini that has never gotten wet- I was NOT annoyed because your little trophy splashed me. I was in pool, for crying out loud. I was annoyed because he landed ON me AND my child. Then, when your little prince ignored pool rules and safety and did running jumps into the pool, my son tried to do the same. I do not enjoy having a conversation with my child that you can hear that involves me reminding my child that it doesn't matter if other kids are ignoring rules and being dangerous, HE still needs to follow safety guidelines. Get in the pool, play with your kid and keep him safe. And keep him away from my kid until he learns some basic manners and safety. Newsflash - you are not better than me. You are just skinnier.

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