Monday, September 24, 2012

Ready To Party!

It's hard to be the younger brother. He has to chase his older sister around, steal her toys, sneak into her room, pester her, etc. And worst of all, his older sister gets to do everything first. She gets to ride a 2-wheeler, roller blade, ride a school bus, even go to sleep away camp. His one consolation is that he gets to stay up later at night. Not to be outdone, she reminds him that he still takes naps. She recently attended several birthday parties. This really bothered him. She got to go somewhere fun AND eat cake. Life is unfair in his world. Today, the tides have shifted in his favor. Today, he got invited to a birthday party. And not just any birthday party. It's for his best friend, superhero, power ranger, secret agent, classmate. Putting aside his annoyance that his buddy is turning 5 before he does, he is all aflutter about this party. We talked about buying a present. This presents 2 problems for him. First, he has to pick out a present for someone else to play with and enjoy. Second, he got very worried that HE would have to pay for the present. He quickly informed me that his bank balance is hovering around zero. And, even if he had any money, he wasn't sure he would spend his money on cool toys for someone else. Even his best friend, secret agent, super hero, power ranger, classmate. I graciously offered to pony up the necessary greenbacks for this momentous occasion. I don't think he is considering it a loan. But, now the wheels are turning. Now he is intrigued by the almighty dollar and what you can acquire with it. He just has to find a way to get his hands on some without doing any actual work. I don't know what he is more excited about- the actual birthday party or throwing it in his sister's face that he got invited to something and she has to stay home. And he is frantically planning his birthday party. It's only 9 months away!
Party on, dude.

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