Monday, October 15, 2012

Drop Off Dummies

I miss the big yellow school bus that used to stop right in front of my house to take my daughter to and from school while I waved from the window in my jammies. Now, I have to get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, put on shoes and a coat. I also have to load 2 kids, 2 backpacks and 1 lunch bag into my car and drive Sara to school. At parent orientation, the school was very clear. Drive slowly, wait your turn, do not attempt to engage the teachers in long conversations and do not get out of your car. Simple and easy to follow rules, right? Wrong! I have been cut off, cut in front of, had people try to bond with the teachers who are trying to get kids out of cars and into school. I have also been waiting behind a parked car without knowing it. These are probably the same people who are stunned when they get to the drive thru and they have to pay for their food. I am not the brightest bulb in any box but even I can follow these simple rules. I stay in the car. I say hello and thank you to the teachers. That is it. I also don't put the pedal to the metal in the parking lot or squeal my tires. I do not know where these moms are going in such a hurry at 8:30 in the morning but, if you value your life, do not get in their way. They WILL cut you off. Montessori schools place a lot of emphasis on respect. Well, the teachers and students do, anyway. I just stay in my car, drive slowly and hope to get out of the parking lot with my car, my kid and me all in one piece.

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