Sunday, October 14, 2012

Road Trips and Church

Paul is in Paris. Paris, France. The City of Lights. Gay Paris. The most romantic place on Earth. Where am I? I am in Indiana with 2 kids. He is there for work. He is presenting a paper to a group of important and intelligent people on something econ, finance, strategy, something important. Since he left, I have attended a parent/teacher conference for Sara (always amusing) and endured a 70 minute temper tantrum from Christian. Yesterday, the kids and I drove 4 hours round trip in the rain to visit a dear friend at college in Naperville, IL. I'll give the kids props. Neither kid whined or complained all day. To give me props, they watched movies and ate snacks. We ate pizza for lunch, bought Sara some "fashion boots", Christian a new pack of Lego crayons and we all ate cookie dough. Yup, some genius found a way to made edible and delicious cookie dough without raw eggs. If you are ever in Naperville, IL, check out an adorable store called "Cookie Dough Creations".
Christian fell asleep on the drive home (yay!). Downside? He peed his pants. Since Paul is out of the country eating Brie, I have no way to perform the superhuman feat of taking apart a car seat, cleaning it and reinstalling it safely. So, I do the next best thing. I spray it with Febreeze, throw a bunch of towels in it and hope for the best. While I am hosing off Sir Piddle Pants, Sara tried to take out her ponytail but it gets stuck. I POLITELY ask her to wait a couple minutes so I can clean her little brother. I race upstairs and shower Christian. It takes no more than 4 minutes. I hear blood curdling screams. I have never screamed like that - not even when I gave birth to a 10.5 pound baby. She comes upstairs, sobbing and clutching a ponytail holder, a huge fistful of hair and sporting a substantial bald spot. I feed the kids dinner and put them to bed. My dinner consisted of some of the leftover cookie dough. I earned it. Today was a bright new day. Sara went to CCD before church. Christian and I were going to meet her there. As I head upstairs to shower and make myself presentable for the Lord, Christian approaches me and says "I have to tell you bad news". Usually his bad news is pretty entertaining and minor. Nope, my little child of God pooped in his underwear. He has NEVER done that. Not even during potty training. Ok, change of plans, clean him up, do laundry and shower both of us. We actually made it to church on time. I "gently" reminded the kids that they will be rewarded if they behave in church(not just in Heaven - but at Krispy Kreme). Since Paul has been gone, my kids have had cookie dough, pizza, donuts and cookie dough. I have survived 1 temper tantrum, 2 potty accidents and 1 accidental scalping. They need to go back to school tomorrow. For everyone's safety and sanity.

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