Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a brand new year

Welcome to 2011. So the choice is - make resolutions I have a prayer of keeping or setting really idealistic, lofty goals? You guessed it - modest goals that I can guilt myself into keeping. This year my goals are to keep up my workout routine, have more patience with everyone in my life and complain less (especially about the little mundane things that don't really matter). The first month of the new year isn't even over yet and so far, I'm maybe 50/50 on goal achievement. I've kept up with my workout routine for several reasons. One, I feel better when I do it. I get an instant sense of accomplishment. My back hurts less and I'm losing weight (slowly). Two, it is a great escape from the kids after being cooped up watching dozens of inches of snow fall. I can hop on the treadmill and zone out all the chaos and clutter in my life and home. As for my goals of patience and less complaining? Still trying with mixed results. I have my good days and my bad days.

On a positive note, Christian has met his goals as outlined by his speech therapist. This is a mixed blessing. It means that he is making real strides in his speech. Sadly, it means that Mike, our amazing therapist won't be visiting weekly for much longer. Christian loves "his Mike". It's funny to hear my son speak with a slight Texan drawl in imitation of Mike. He still calls Sara "Lea" and bananas are "mia". My dad is still "Boppy" (instead of Grumpy). Paul always wanted to have a secret language with the kids that Mom didn't understand. He hoped it would be Spanish. I guess he will have to settle for 'Bubba-speak'.

Happy New year to all!

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  1. i look forward to reading your funny little stories, with your wonderful sense of humor. xoxoox