Monday, January 3, 2011

Surviving Christmas Vacation

Christmas 2010- We had it all planned out. It was going to be magical and wonderful. Our friends invited us to celebrate Christmas Eve with them. However, they did seem surprised when we accepted. (It may have been one of those "let's invite them, they'll never come" invites but who are we to turn down free food and drink? They really should know better. It was a wonderful night of friends, fun and laughter. As usual, we walked away with many goodies - a DVD, various hostess gifts and a set of cross country skis. We spent Christmas Day at my Dad's house. The kids ripped into their gifts like Ethiopian kids staring down a Happy Meal. We had Christmas dinner at my brothers. This involved my kids fighting with each other over every little thing and us trying to referee (ok - mostly we ignored it). Christian spend half the night trying to stab my brother with a dinner knife. Not sure why - it seemed pretty unprovoked but, then again, I didn't exactly interrogate the little deviant. We got the chance to see some friends the next time and celebrate her new job. The celebration involved us swigging champagne while my kids tried to steal and destroy their son's new toys. We kept our kids up way too late every night. It was not our best idea. Tired cranky kids are not fun to travel with. Upon our return to Indiana, I spent 2 days unloading the stack of presents and doing insane amounts of laundry. Paul took the kids to see his mom. I laid around the house and did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful. I watched really bad TV and read books. Today was the bright spot - Sara went back to school. No more breaking up squabbles over toys, fending off demands for computer, TV, or Wii time all day. Christian woke up this morning and was stunned that Daddy and Sara weren't home. He didn't take my word for it. He looked around the house for them for a good 10 minutes. He expressed his joy at her return from school by chasing her around the house trying to hit her with the nearest toy. Welcome home, Sara!

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