Monday, January 31, 2011

We were outnumbered

Our dear friends came to visit this weekend. Actually, they were escaping a kitchen remodel and we have indoor plumbing and electricity. There were 3 adults and 5 children. Not a good ratio for battle. The kids very quickly realized this and staged an effective coup. We retaliated by stuffing them so full of food they were begging for naps. A couple little rugrats even started asking for dessert after breakfast. Despite the noise and chaos, we had a great time. It was so nice to kick back and a few laughs. We used to spend so much time together back in Michigan that we have become like family, sibling rivalry included (I'm even hoping I'm in their will). I'm a little offended I wasn't consulted on the kitchen remodel. They even turned down my suggestion of a gargoyle or cherub peeing pot-filler over the stove. But, we did agree on a kitchen table that holds both families comfortably.

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