Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It's January in Indiana. For me, this means snow, more snow, cold and wind. For Paul, it means three days at a posh hotel in Florida. A better wife (not me) would be happy for him. This wife is lugging trash cans down the snowy driveway, plowing the snowy driveway and praying there are no snow days in our future and dragging Christian out in his pajamas. OK, so the last one is my fault but still.....

I bathed Christian early tonight. He asked for his footy pajamas because the kid loves to have his toes covered. It's pretty funny to hear his panicked "oh no, mommy, my TOES!". I fed them early because Sara had choir practice. I even baked cookies. I was on a good mommy roll. Tonight the streak was broken.

Usually, I can drive right up to the door and walk her to the choir room three feet from the door. Tonight, Her Royal Highness took forever to get ready. I thought only old men spent that long in the bathroom. Now, we are running late. As a self-respecting Roche,. I do not handle this well. I stuff Christian into his coat and we rush out the door. The church parking lot in completely full and I park in Siberia. Now, I get to carry Christian (a.k.a. Tons of Fun) across the snowy parking lot into the church. Yes, tonight, I was that mom. I couldn't even pretend the other parents were not staring and (not so) silently laughing at me as I lug my child through the church in his bright red footy pajamas. No need to worry. I have already laid out his clothes for preschool tomorrow. And his boots. I promise.

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