Friday, February 17, 2012

Date Night

When you get married you promise to love, honor and cherish each other. Then comes the baby carriage. You still love, honor and cherish each other but being husband and wife takes a backseat to being mommy and daddy. Work, kids, school and life take over 24/7/365. You are still a team but there are fewer and fewer "date nights". I always hated that term. I found it cliche and trite. Until I started needing date nights with my husband. Lately, we have only gotten "out" for work-related functions. Faculty dinners, awards functions, school-related events do not count, in my book. I want dinner and a movie. Heck, I've settled for dinner and grocery shopping together, kid-free. So, not looking at the calendar, I made dinner reservations, bought theater tickets to a local performance and lined up a sitter. Then notified my date of 'our' plans. I failed to realize that he would be at the daddy-daughter dance last night (a very important date and I didn't mind the competition). Today he was up at the crack of dawn to drive to Chicago and back for work. And fighting a cold. But, we agreed to have our night on the town. We had a great dinner and headed to the theater. We weren't expecting Broadway. We weren't expecting Julie Andrews but I've seen better acting when Sara is trying to stay home sick from school. And we still haven't figured out the plot (if any) of the play. So, exchanging looks and the secret language that all married couples use, we ducked out at intermission to head home, put on pajamas and relax. Not exactly the festive, culturally stimulating night I had in mind but I got to spend a few quiet hours with my husband.


  1. Sounds like a good first date! Good luck with the story and be happy

  2. I had a great similiar experience on my first date. Love the part you guys just jumped home to go into the pajames and relax, that's what good couples do!