Monday, February 27, 2012

The Lenten Sacrifice

Lent is a big deal for us Catholics. We are supposed to give up something important to us for 40 days. Let me tell you, THAT is a really long time. Not to minimize the whole wandering in the desert for decades on end but me giving up anything for 40 days is difficult. I usually try to give up Diet Coke. That is a double-edged sword because then everyone else around me is suffering as well. Our priest back home had a great idea for the kids. Have them give up something different each week. I love that idea for Sara. It gives her the experience of making a sacrifice but, come on, 40 days for an 8 year old is a lifetime. It's even longer for the people living with her. We let her pick what she gives up (within reason). I'm always proud of her. She thinks about it and chooses carefully. Her first sacrifice was her Nintendo DS. That was a big deal for her. But she stuck it out. She didn't ask for it once or try to change her mind. This week she has chosen to give up some of the precious stuffed animals that she sleeps with. Correction- the animals that protect her from monsters, bad guys, bad dreams, etc. while she sleeps. So, she is putting her faith in God to keep her safe for a whole week while her animals have become 'sacrificial'. Gotta love the irony.

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