Monday, February 20, 2012

Velasco Hospitality

"It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission." I have improved on that cliche. "Don't ask, just announce." Works for me 9 out of 10 times. What can I say? Most (all) people are better mannered than I. We invited (ordered) some friends from back home to visit. They complied. We rolled out the red carpet. Ok, they got clean sheets and towels. Paul cooked for them. He even cooked their favorite pasta. We even named it after them. But, we also gave all of them nicknames, too. She is now known simply as "The La". My kids pounced on The La and held on for dear life. She is the most patient teenager ever. She played 1,478 games of Candyland, read 621 books, cheered our potty-training son on, and put both kids to bed. We drove to Chicago and spent the day at the Museum of Science & Industry. My kids dragged her through each exhibit, made her pose for pictures and fought over whose hand she held, who she sat next to, etc. We dragged The La and her dad (I'm not allowed to divulge his nickname) all over the city of Chicago. We even took them to the top of the Hancock Building so they could see just how much of the city we covered. We toured the American Girl and Lego stores. We took pity on them and let them sit and rest occasionally. To show the full extent of our hospitality, we took them to Ed Debevic's for dinner- a restaurant notorious for the rudeness of the waitstaff.

When friends visit, they pretty much know what to expect. They will be cuddled, fought over and put to work. But, they will also be well-fed. Just not by me personally. And, really, after living next to us for 9 years, they really should know what to expect from us by now.

It was a fun and tiring weekend. I think next time they visit, we will party Amish-style in Shipshewana. Show them a more laid-back lifestyle. Complete with barn raising and buggy rides.

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