Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baggage or Memories

I have tons of memories from my childhood. I remember my imaginary dog who ran away. What can I say? I was terrified of real dogs. I remember my brothers taking my brand new doll carriage wheels to make a go-cart. Even better, I remember my parents punishing them until the end of time. I think they are all still grounded. I remember them telling my my parents had arranged my marriage to an icky boy who was a family friend. The worst part? My dad was in on the prank. Luckily, my mother straightened us all out before I took my vows at the convent. I remember the scary prank calls my brother's made to me while I was babysitting.

I remember my brother teaching me how to ride a bike in first grade while we waited for the school bus. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and crawling into my brother's bed to wait until our parents allowed us downstairs. I remember turning 16 and being allowed to drive alone to Ann Arbor to spend the day with my brother. It was amazing. We spent the whole day together. We ate burgers at the Full Moon. We had ice cream at Stucchi's. I kept the blue Jansport backpack he helped pick out until I was 27. It was held together with safety pins but it was a souvenir from a great day. I remember spending weekends at my brother's house after college. We would wake up, drink Diet Coke, eat Pop Tarts and watch cartoons.

As Roches, we have many interesting quirks. Some might call them annoying habits. We are off the charts OCD. We relish our routine snd habits. We cannot admit if we are wrong. We have very short fuses. Our ability to hold grudges makes the Mafia look like weak pansies. We watch the same movies over and over. As my brother said once (only half-kidding), "Why would you watch a move you've never seen? You don't know if you like it." People tell me that they get used to us walking around the house while we brush our teeth. What can I say? Some habits die hard. It's even more disturbing when a couple of us are in the same house. People start slamming doors on us. Rude, right?

On the plus side, we are fiercely loyal and family oriented. We will do anything for our family and friends. We are steadfast and reliable. Especially if you supply us with Bud Light, Diet Coke and chardonnay. And if you don't, we will follow you around until you give them to us.

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