Friday, October 21, 2011

My legacy

All these weird facts have emerged about Gaddafi after his death. It makes me wonder what people will say and discover about me after I'm gone. Here are some possibilities:

Who will invite themselves over to our house now?
What finally killed that germ freak?
Was she chugging a diet coke when she died?
Did she ever discover her brain brake?
Was there anything she wasn't allergic to?
Did she ever learn to behave at work and family functions?

7 weird facts about me:

Yes, I'm a total germaphobe. I even wiped down a play set once. No one else was there so I thought it was ok.
In my fear of being late for things, I arrive early then drive around.
I have never bathed a child under the age of one, not even my own.
I can only snap with my right hand.
I have an irrational fear of fire. I cried at my 6th birthday because I was convinced my ponytails would catch on fire.
I had an imaginary dog who ran away.
I have never balanced a checkbook.

Aside from all my "quirks", I can be a lot of fun. Really. You should invite me over some time. I'll be well-behaved. Really.

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