Friday, October 28, 2011

The never ending quest for good socks

When did socks start consuming so much of my time and brain power? First there is the hunt for the right size sock. Not as easy as you may think. Sara is crazy picky and her feet grow every 5 days. They must not bunch at her toes. They must not slip into her shoes. And, to add more stress, sometime she likes to mix and not match. Once the proper socks have been purchased and brought home, the fun begins. The socks come to life and play a sick game of hide and seek. What happens between the hamper, washer and dryer? Which, by the way, are all kept in the same 3 foot space. And then begins the time consuming matching up of socks. Going to college, finding your soul mate, falling in love, planning a wedding, getting pregnant and giving birth to 2 children has taken up less time and caused less stress and fristration than matching up socks and their owner. I've decided that Christian will wear only white socks. Sara will wear anything but white socks. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to kick a kid to the curb to catch a bus then discovering that she is trying to put on her 3 year old brother's socks. Maybe we should move to a warm climate and only wear sandals.

1 comment:

  1. This is funny! Your search for the "perfect" socks can be related to how one can survive college life and everything that comes after it. Experiences help determine how your future unfolds.