Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Simple Things

Forget expensive toys that blink, talk and move. Today, my son was enthralled, fascinated and amazed by throwing leaves into a waterfall. We had some extra time
before his art class. We spent 30 minutes throwing leaves into the waterfall and watching them float away. He was completely mesmerized and thrilled. It was so simple. He had a blast. Every time he threw a leaf and it floated away, he would squeal and giggle with delight. My 3 year old can use an Ipad with some impressive dexterity. He can put together a puzzle with the speed of MacGuyver diffusing a bomb. He knows how to use my iPhone better than I do. Yet, he spent a blissful 30 minutes watching nature at it's finest. It was a beautiful thing to experience with him.

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