Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Everyone celebrates Father's Day their own special way. Here is how we celebrated the father in our house. Paul made breakfast for everyone. That's what happens when you are the best cook in the house. Then, Sara and I took off for Target to spend Paul's hard earned money on presents for Christian's upcoming birthday. Deciding Dad deserved a little more spoiling, we brought home Moe's for lunch. Sara compiled 6 different salsas. She kept 4 for herself and gave 2 to Paul. Not wanting to miss out on any potential food or snacks, she helped herself to his 2 salsas as well. Then she got curious about his Moe's concoction. She got herself a fork and helped him eat his Father's Day lunch. His celebratory dinner was a pool party celebrating Sara's baseball team's winning the championship. So, he got to pack a bag full of towels, pool toys, snacks, drinks and sunscreen. If we had been home, he would have cooked his own Father's Day dinner. And it would have been delicious. Last year, in a rare burst of domesticity, I tried to make breakfast and coffee. I burned the bacon, undercooked the eggs and had no clue how to make coffee. I know it involves a machine, water and smelly coffee crumbs. He waited patiently while I set off the smoke alarm. Eventually, deciding that he wanted a decent meal before he starved, he graciously stepped in and removed the spatula from my hand. If I loved him less, I would probably cook for him again. Happy Father's Day!

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