Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sticks and Stones

For some people, summer means swimming, bike rides, playing with friends. For the resident mean girl down the street, it means trash talking and attempted destruction of private property. Oscar the Grouch and Nellie Olson have nothing on this kid when it comes to her blind hatred of my child. My 8 year old has been called evil, terrible, awful and archenemy. I guess I am living in Metropolis with superheroes and villains. Can 8 and 9 year olds really have archenemies?? I guess so. As seems the way with my life, the sage goes on. The other day I was chatting on the phone and I glanced out my front window. The girl was riding by with a friend. She stopped in front of my house, got off her bike and bent down. Now, I am openly spying. Curious about what was going to happen next, I continued my spying. The girl picked up a rock and threw it at my house. Luckily, she throws like an arthritic grandma with bursitis. But, still, really? Does she have absolutely no moral compass? No conscience? I was so surprised that I did nothing. With my brilliant hindsight, I realize I should have tossed down the phone and charged out there. I should have confronted her once and for all. I should have called her parents and asked if their brilliant parenting allows for this behavior. Typically, they flat out deny any possible wrong doing by their angel. I can assume that they would have excused this behavior as well. I can guarantee 2 things. One, my 8 year old does not roam the streets unsupervised. What can I say? I am not confident my 8 year old has the navigational skills to return home and the minute someone offered her a free meal, she would be at their table, no questions asked. Jesus would have run out of fish AND loaves had my kid been in attendance that day. Second, IF my kid had thrown a rock at anyone or their home, she would be punished until she had kids of her own. In a sad and pathetic way, I am almost hoping the kid does it again so I can catch her in the act. Someone needs to have a chat with that kid. And if she wants to trespass onto my property, that give me the right to do it. And I fully intend to exercise my rights all over that kid.

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