Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mean Girl

Today was, thankfully, the last day of school. Sara will start 4th grade at a new school. We are all very excited about this for a number of reasons. Not least of all is that we will finally be done with the resident "mean girl". Hard to imagine but even on the last day of school, she had to be mean, petty and go out of her way to hurt Sara's feelings. Today the kids received their yearbooks. Everyone was required to sign all the yearbooks to avoid hurt feelings. Big fail. Immediately after Sara signed mean girl's yearbook, she erased it, crossed out EVERY photo of Sara in her yearbook and told her she has done this to every yearbook she has received since Sara arrived in first grade. Hard to imagine how you raise a child to believe that is acceptable behavior. We will not be crossing out anyone's photo in our house. We are taking the high road. I wish no ill on this child but I cannot be nicer than that. I think her parents are raising a mean, selfish, spoiled, rude child. I just pray for the next girl on her "mean girl" list. I speak from experience, it was a long, terrible school year, in part because of this child. But, no longer will my child come home in tears because a classmate has yelled at, belittled, gossiped about, excluded, mocked and picked on her. Maybe the next girl's parents will be more effective at stopping the behavior. I wish them luck because they and their daughter will need it.


  1. I am glad that this painful chapter is over for Sara. I too worry that this bully will just find a new target with Sara gone. Good thing this mean girl wasn't my child...I'd have set her straight long ago! Her parents have really failed as parents.

  2. Sara read a great book by American Girl about bullies and this girl has exhibited every single characteristic. Now she is trying to alienate Sara from some neighbor girls (with no success).