Monday, June 4, 2012

My Very Own Circus

Lately, I've been seeing many similarities between my life and circus life. My life is loud, messy and colorful. Small, entertaining people wearing colorful costumes are the stars the show. They are always putting on an act - with or without animals. They sing, dance, juggle, swing and jump from things. I like to think I am the ring leader but we all know their training is seriously lacking. My car is like a clown car - lots of people and their junk crammed into it and driving around in circles. And, until my almost 4 year old decided to be potty-trained, I spent a lot of my time cleaning up poop. Way too much junk food is consumed. And it is always feeding time. I am the ring leader, juggler and tightrope walker. I am always balancing my parenting. I need to be firm but fair, opened-minded but authoritative, strict but fun, encouraging but not indulgent. I need to be mom, nurse, taxi driver, teacher, guide, cruise director, disciplinarian, referee, cook, and maid. Welcome to my circus. It's the greatest show on Earth. Take a ringside seat, enjoy the show and watch out for poop.

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