Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moms Say The Darndest Things

Things I have had to say to my children in the last 24 hours include these statements:

We do NOT color our friends.
We do NOT eat the astro turf at soccer
I know you are wearing your bathing suit. Get in the car anyway because we are late.
Do NOT put toys in the freezer.
Swim suits are NOT underwear.
We do NOT eat in the bath tub.
That is NOT a real potty. Please do NOT pee in there.

Did I mention that it is September in the Midwest? At first I thought it was cute that the kids wanted a beach party. They covered their plastic Adirondack chairs with beach towels and put them in front of our window. They put on swimsuits, sunglasses and leis. Christian even practiced swimming on our beige carpet while Sara "sunned" herself on her beach towel. It was all cute and fun until they wanted to eat, sleep and bathe in their beach attire. Now I am the mean mommy who won't let them. I can live with that.

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