Monday, November 7, 2011

Beiber Fever

Beiber fever has taken over my child. Ironically, she has only limited exposure to him. At school, they are singing some of his songs in music class. She also claims to be a huge fan of Lady Gaga and Hannah Montana. She has never seen their music videos or TV shows. I can thank the media and classmate exposure for her fanaticism. Today at the grocery store checkout, she caught a headline claiming that her 16 year old teen heart throb might be a daddy. Thanks! I really enjoyed trying to explain to my 7 year old about tabloids and inappropriate sexual behavior of teen idols. She wisely pointed out that he is only a kid. How could he be a daddy? She is still convinced that Miley Cyrus has a split personality and needs strong psychotropic medications. She thinks that Lady Gaga celebrates Halloween everyday. Why else would her mother let her leave the house in those outrageous costumes?

Even as a small child, Sara has loved grocery shopping. For 6 straight months, going to the store or the neighbor's house to mooch food were the only ways to end the 5:00 fussies. She loved all the people and free samples. Now, I hand her the grocery list and put her to work. But, lately she has discovered the tabloids. I'm tired of answering questions about affairs, quickie divorces, spousal/child abuse, illegitimate babies and aliens. My brilliant parenting consists of telling her not to read the headlines. Her response? "Mom, I can't help it. They are right in front of my face." Maybe I should put her to work bagging the groceries.

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