Monday, November 28, 2011

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum

Ever gotten a really annoying song stuck in your head? Well, I have a new one that plagues my already frightening brain. Tonight, Sara asked Christian what he did in school today. He proudly burst into his new song, "Icky Sticky Bubble Gum" like the Phantom of the Opera. Sara found this little ditty amusing so they started singing a duet. They invented hand moves to go along with this tuneless ditty. It was a noisy but fun drive. I didn't mind the noise because they were not fighting for a change.

As the older sister, Sara has two modes of dealing with her pesky little "bother". She can be incredibly loving, supportive and kind to him. Or she treats him like a prisoner of war who was put in this Earth and in this family for the sole purpose of torturing her endlessly. They were so cute tonight, laughing and being silly. She asked him dozens of questions about school - who he plays with, what he learned, what he likes best. He lights up when she plays with him. He will ham it up just to keep her entertained. He thrives on her compliments.

Their other new favorite game is "school". Not surprisingly, Sara is the teacher. She teaches a lesson/lecture. Sometimes he sits still. Other times he wanders around the "classroom". Then she administers a written or oral test. She is a tough grader. Answers are right or (usually) wrong with no negotiation. She gets very frustrated when he giggles and won't listen. He has flunked preschool 7 times so far. I hope all this home academia gives her some insight into how hard her teacher works. Her topics of choice are usually big cats, art, and science (things that the average 3 year is happlily oblivious about). Sara is determined to turn him into a little big cat expert so she can have a sidekick. I think she wants a human shield for her planned African safari when she turns 12. (That is the age she decided was appropriate).

I hope he eventually graduates preschool. Maybe she should be his potty training teacher.

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