Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

I am a complete gadget and product junkie. I fall for the ads hook-line-sinker. I believe it will clear my complexion, clean my bathroom with no effort and make me look like a super model. In my kitchen, bathroom, closet, and makeup bag you will find just about every cure, fix and bizarre invention. Today I hit pay dirt. I found the Kymaro body shaper. I have tried Spanx and every knock off on the market. They ride up or down and make me sweat like a fallen woman in church. This is a miracle product. It stays put. It's micro-fiber fabric lets it (and me) breathe. Getting into it is an exercise in humility. But, so is needing to wear one. So, next time Paul forces me to go to a faculty function and I am cursing my dress up clothes because they don't fit, I can crawl into my new body shaper and look and feel 10 pounds thinner. I know diet and exercise are healthier options but when the sitter is coming in 10 minutes, this is my best friend. Gotta go! The babysitter is on her way and I have to get dressed. But, if you see my new (temporarily) skinny self, I will lie and tell you, yes, I have lost weight. My new best friend won't betray me. That's what friends are for.

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  1. You forgot the most important fact - where does one buy one of these?