Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ladies who lunch

Sara and I spent the day together. We had to run some boring errands so we decided to jazz it up with some fun time, too. We started with mall jump. For the uninitiated, it is indoor reverse bunny jumping. Or, as Sara calls it, fairy flying practice. That girl is fearless. She was flipping like a Flying Wallenda. Then she wanted to browse in the Build A Bear store. Her ideas of what is over-priced change dramatically when it concerns her hard-mooched money. She came up with a sweet idea. She wanted to build a dog with underwear for her little brother who is resisting potty-training (to put it mildly). I thought it was a great idea. Next stop was the bookstore. Always a fun but expensive place. She was very helpful picking out some books about potty training for Christian. Then, because she is Sara and always hungry, we needed to have lunch. Moe's was out because that is her special place with Daddy. So, we graced Five Guys with our presence. It is truly frightening and amusing to see how much food my little stick figure can put away in one sitting. While we ate, we chatted about school. She is upset because a girl (Girl A) is being mean to her best friend (Girl B). She tried sticking up for her with no success. She is an amazingly perceptive kid. Sara figured out that Girl B is being picked on because Girl A is jealous of her. Apparently, Girl A thinks that Girl B has replaced her in the affections of a boy in the class. These kids are in 3rd grade!!! Putting aside the Melrose Place aspect of the drama, I was proud of her for sticking up for her friend. She also had another brilliant solution to the problem. She has decided to get a group of friends together to be extra nice to her to make up for being picked on. My kid rocks!!! As we discussed the problem and different possible solutions, a mom at the next table confessed that she had been eavesdropping and was very impressed with Sara's maturity and kindness (and food intake). Sara beamed with the compliments. It's one thing to get compliments from your parents. But, to get outside validation is a wonderful thing. There are times when I am convinced that Sara has selective hearing and ignores me just to spite me. But, apparently, she is listening. Some of the time. Today she was thoughtful and considerate in suggesting and choosing a gift for her brother. She was upset that a friend was being picked on and stood up for her. I love having one-on-one time with her without distractions. She really opens up. I get to find out what happens at school and how she feels about it. We may have to find our own special place for lunch.

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