Monday, November 14, 2011

My Kids Have All The Anwers

My kids have all the answers. They are so clairvoyant they even have answers to questions that have not even asked. My dad is coming to visit for Thanksgiving. We don't even pretend to ask politely. My kids just call him and tell him he is coming for the weekend. What should we do when he visits? No worries. Sara makes up an itinerary for them for the entire weekend.

Christian's solution to my dad's sinus infection? Grumpy needs a shot.

We are battling our neighborhood board over our play house. Sara's answer? She drew a picture of them playing in front of it and wants to go door-to-door asking people why they object to the house. Frankly, I'm tempted to let her because she is pretty darn convincing.

Christian needs a haircut. His answer? No, I want long hair like mommy. No haircut needed.

I need to attend parent/teacher conferences for Sara. Actually, Sara, ever thoughtful of others, declares that I don't need to attend. I can just stay home and relax.

What should I make for dinner? Save yourself time, Mom. Order pizza or take us to Red Robin.

It's a bath night. Let's save water, time and energy. Let's skip baths.

Tell the kids they need to clean up their toys. No, they will just get messy again. Why bother?

After getting the flu shot, Christian is offered a sticker or a lollipop. He declares that he needs both. Problem solved.

Christian, you need to poop in the potty. No, mommy, I can poop in my diaper. Problem solved.

They have all the answers. Even if they don't have the question.

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