Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Male Wife

My husband works while I stay home with the kids. I drive a minivan. We live in the suburbs, attend church and the local public school. We even belong to the local country club. Sounds like a 1950's sit-com, right? Well, here's the funny part. My husband is a much better wife than I ever hope to be. He cooks better. He cleans better. He does laundry better. He even folds the laundry- bras, underwear and fitted sheets. Until I met him, I was not aware those items could be folded. If any garment has a stain, it is left for my "wife" to handle. He irons. I don't even attempt to anymore. I don't even know where he keeps his iron. I don't pick out his clothes for him. Until our kids are over 12 months of age, he handles all bathing. When he grocery shops, I don't make a list for him. I just send him. He may come back with 2x the amount of food stuff we need but...... When we have company, we all assume he will do the cooking. He actually knows how to use a sewing machine. But, I still think he is making up words like 'bobbin' just to mess with me. I don't drink coffee so I never learned how to make it. So, if I have friends over for play dates, he sets up the coffee maker for me.

Just like me, you are all probably wondering why he married me. Trust me, it's not for my domestic goddess skills. It's not because I am so charming and well-behaved at faculty functions. He probably married me because he realized that, without proper adult supervision, I would sit in a dark cave, wearing dirty and wrinkled clothes while eating stale cereal.

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