Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Club Of One

Groucho Marx had it right when he said "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." Sara came home from school today in tears because a classmate thought it would be OK to start a "We Hate Sara" club. Wow, what a proud moment for her parents. This girl has taken being mean to a new level. On a sicker note, 3 girls were "kicked out" of the club for being friends with Sara. Sara was confused and upset. She has never been mean to this girl. She couldn't understand why this girl did something so mean to her. It's OK not to like everyone. But this goes beyond normal social dynamics on the playground. This is spiteful and hurtful just to make a little girl feel left out and excluded. Guess what? Mission accomplished. My kid feels hurt and excluded. As I put her to bed tonight, she said she was glad she had some friends who stuck up for her. Leave it to Sara to find the silver lining in an awful situation. I hope this girl outgrows the need to put others down to feel good about herself. I hope she never does this to another girl. I hope she learns what being a friend really means. I am glad my daughter knows the meaning of friendship. I am glad my daughter appreciates her true friends.


  1. Lilly is NEVER growing up! Gosh, how awful! I'm sorry that Sara...and you and Paul...are having to go through that! Sometimes, I feel as a parent you often times feel worse than your children even feel! When we came home from the hospital after Marcellie had stitches, I was weak and felt ill. He was running around like no biggie! I'm glad that Sara was able to find a positive in a very negative situation! What a tough cookie!

  2. I don't like to talk badly about a young girl, but there is something seriously wrong with the one who started that "club." Please give my love to Sara. She is THE best, most intelligent, and amazing young lady I've ever met. That's some serious harassment coming from her classmate. (grrrr) Makes me mad.