Saturday, March 17, 2012


I was born and raised in Michigan. I was literary born on the bathroom floor of my childhood home. l lived there for 20 years. Then we moved 250 yards down the road. I went away for college and paralegal school. I lived in Virginia for a year as a newlywed. Then we moved back home. Well, 7 miles from home. Too far, in my dad's mind. Almost 3 years ago we moved to South Bend, Indiana. In November. Not the best time to move. I was trapped at home for 5 months with a 18 month old boy. We both had severe cabin fever because we didn't know anyone yet and couldn't leave the house because it snowed crazy amounts everyday. It felt like living at the North Pole. Spring came and we ventured outside and slowly started to meet people and make friends. We have a wonderful group of new friends here now. We still miss home, friends, family and neighbors, though. This weekend, at a party, I was talking about "back home". A friend pointed out that THIS is home now. Is it? I have only spent 9 of my 41 years outside of Michigan. Where is home? Where you were born? Where you lived the longest? Where you live now? What makes some place home? Is it the people? Is it having family close by? How do you define home? Can you have more than one home?

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