Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Forget being supermom. That was never my goal. I just want to be a good mother. A mother who keeps her cool and doesn't lose her temper. I want to be a mom that doesn't get overwhelmed and flustered. I want to be a mom whose child isn't struggling socially at school. I want to be a mom whose 3.5 year old will actually pee in the potty. I want to be a mom who can get her kids out the door in a calm and orderly fashion. I want to be a mom whose kids can play together for longer than 15 minutes without fighting. I want to be a mom who can get the kids to their after school activities, dinner on the table and baths completed and bedtime accomplished without drama. I want to be able to take care of the kids and house without feeling overwhelmed. I want to not feel like a failure as I see people with more kids and more challenges handle their lives with more grace.

I don't know if this week is busier than usual or my defenses are weakened but everything seems to be a struggle for me. The kids are cooperating (mostly). I just keep looking at each day and wondering if and how everything will get done. In addition to regular school work and activities, my car needs new tires and softball practice started. Add that to swim lessons for a boy who thinks we are water boarding him, a Girl Scout meeting, a prospective new school meeting, a neighborhood board meeting, a MOPS meeting (note to self- kiss up to hubs so he will make breakfast strata for 40 women and let me take credit) and prepare for spring break trip. Oh, and a daughter who is coming down with a cold and a husband who is out of town for work. I am not a woman who can juggle it all with a smile. I can't even juggle.

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