Friday, March 23, 2012

Sara's Stewardship

Sara attends CCD weekly. It is always entertaining to meet her teachers and hear their comments about her. She has been limited to the number of questions (relevant and non-relevant) she can ask during class. They love reading her work. However, she was the only one who knew the story of Bartimaeus. The deacon was so impressed with her telling that he asked her to get up in front of all the CCD classes to tell the story and lead everyone in closing prayer. She very well may be the first female Pope. She likes the hat, cool ceiling artwork and pope mobile. This week they learned about stewardship. They brought in baked goods for a local mission then filled out a questionnaire. Here are some of Sara's answers (for better or worse):

Who we helped? The Hope Mission
How did we help? We brought yummy desserts
This is what I thought about the project - I really wanted to taste those pies!!!!
This is what I learned- You should give things you don't need to people who do - but not my lambi because I need her more.
This is why I thought it helped - The homeless people like desserts, too.

Not sure if she is a pagan or just brutally honest and funny. God bless her.

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